The third event of the project was in La Junquera

ES_IMG_0265The first day have been welcomed by the Mayor of La Jonquera and President of the MUME Consortium, Sònia Martínez, and the Director of MUME, Jordi Font.

The first part of the morning has been dedicated to the lectures focused on “The peace of the defeated: Francoist repression during the post-war and exile period” and “Memory policies in Catalonia. The cross-border example”, presented by Jordi Gaitx (Scientific Advisor to MUME and UdG) and David González (MUME Education Service).

The second part of the morning has been dedicated to Set-up and Teaching , including a guided tour to the Exile Memorial Museum and presentation of the MUME Education Service, before the “Sharing history” workshop to reflect on historical scenarios during the XX century wars.

In the afternoon, the programme continued with a guided tour around the “Paths of exile”: Agullana, La Vajol, Coll de Lli and the French border, with the participation of MUME Education Service and Enric Pujol (Scientific Advisor to MUME).

In the evening the event continued in Girona to attend the opening of the exhibition “Walter Benjamin. Exile Constellations” (75th anniversary of the death of Walter Benjamin), organised at the Museum of Jewish History.

The second day has been organised in Portbou.

Jörg Zimmer (Walter Benjamin Chair, Memory and Exile, UdG) gave a lecture on: “Fugitives of Nazism crossing the French-Spanish border. Walter Benjamin in Portbou”.

After the lecture, the meeting went on with a guided tour “The retreat and the border during the Second World War”, to the Walter Benjamin Memorial, Coll de Belitres and other memorial sites in Portbou.


In the evening the event’s activities continued at the MUME (La Jonquera) with a discussion about: “The meaning of the borders: past and present”: sharing and personal meaning of the borders in each country. The discussion was followed by the screening of the documentary “Desenterrant el silenci” (Unearthing Silence) by Sergi Bernal on the mass graves of Francoism in Spain and debate with the filmmaker.

The third day ‘s programme was organized at Elne Maternity Home (France) with a lecture on “The French internment camps” given by Serge Barba (testimony descendant of Spanish Republican Refugees) and a visit to the Elne Maternity Home.

The meeting ended in Argelès with a visit to the Valmy Castle, home to the Argelès Camp Memorial.

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