European network of war places for peace

The members of the network are organisations interested in the following topics:

  • Peace Education
  • History Teaching
  • Memory Preserving
  • Policies of Peace in a Present of War.

The network includes museums, cultural institutions, public bodies, associations, research institutions, other entities engaged in activities related to one of the places affected by war events related to 5 wars of the twentieth century.


Cultural institutions involved in the network aim to:

  • Develop exchanges and activities to improve the professionalism of operators,
  • Attract public and private investments,
  • Share and manage databases,
  • Attract of international cultural tourism,
  • Carry out activities, exchanges and operational materials to support and develop the commitment in the management,
  • Preserve and enhance war places, exhibits, finds and testimonies.


  • The network is designed to operate with a constant commitment measured to the possibilities of each single partner.
  • The subscription to the network takes place with the signing of a handbook of principles and actions.


  • The Appeace logo
  • The website (Appeace)
  • Regular meetings
  • Social networks dedicated to the Network
  • Shared activity calendars
  • Annual exchanges and study visits for 1-2 persons sent or hosted
  • Building each year a joint project with outputs to be disclosed.

Network’s activities

  • Realise operational materials to support and develop the cultural institutions involved in the management and enhancement of sites and finds
  • Give local visibility to the network
  • Invite each year new partners (to expand the network)
  • Participate to exchanges by sending max 2 persons to the other members of the network and hosting participants sent by partners
  • Share calendars
  • Search contacts with institutions and Members of European Parliament.

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