Key affirmations

Key affirmations about European wars

The research of the key statements on the five wars of the twentieth century was conducted in order to bring out the views of the participants.

The initial aim was to provide a shared reading of every historical event, in order to include the points of view of each country.

Share History Workshop

The “Share History Workshop” was activated during the events and led local and international participants to express statements about the wars during which the host nation was involved.

Selection of key affirmations

The Institute for the History of Resistance and Contemporary Italy (IT) studied the set of affirmations.

For each workshop it selected 10 key statements with which the survey was carried out.


The survey was distributed on the web.

The aim of the survey is to let citizens “vote” the key affirmations in order to test the general opinions and common thoughts and beliefs about our past and to measure the sharing of common European memory on war events.


The initial purpose of producing A TOOL TO HELP TO THE UNDERSTANDING AND SHARING OF THE HISTORY OF THE EUROPEAN UNION and the replacement of national points of view with THE EUROPEAN POINT OF VIEW has been achieved only in part.

Both during the Share History Workshop and from the outcome of the survey, emerged the general difficulty of the participants to critically analyze the wars that affected Europe and share common key statements.