About Second World War (1939-45) 2/2

Affirmations in Montescudo (Italy)

  1. A consequence of political and economical crisis that toot to totalitarism and put in danger our lives,
  2. the last expression of an European patriotism from 8/9 centuries tradition,
  3. mass killing business on civilians was for the first time organized on industrial scale,
  4. italians have been ambiguous, they started the war at the wrong side and ended at the right side, courageous choiche or opportunist choiche? How do see other countries Italy’s role in this world?
  5. the madness of one criminal mind (Hitler) had led to the millions people death,
  6. a collective madness,
  7. to affirm and defend dignity and value of human life,
  8. to never forget its severe antinhumanism, but also even in the scope of time all human acts that we have learned,
  9. WWII was actually a WWI with a little pause in between,
  10. there were important the attitudes and behaviour of the people during the war, not their nationality.
  11. world situation that we as the world citizens has to not allowed to repeat again,
  12. the people who died all over the world without reason,
  13. the most tragedy of XX century……inside the mankind,
  14. Italians don’t have the same responsibility of Germans in the WWII,
  15. WWII was human catastrophy to understand this will help us to analyze the logic of mass better,
  16. WWII represented the internationalitation of the terror and horror as well as the right for universal ideals abroad the borders of the countries,
  17. a terrible massacre/carnage, its repetition has to be avoid at any cost,
  18. my affirmation about WWII is that is was meaningless like all wars in the human history.