About Spanish Civil War (1936-39)

Affirmations in La Jonquera (Catalonia / Spain)

  1. The social inequality and the problems resulting from nationalism play an important role in the aspect of causes for war, but they are not the only ones.
  2. The rebels attacked the ideas of political equality and the regionalism in Spain.
  3. There are no romantic wars. I am sore thinking that dreams of a better world inspired many people to participate to the fight.
  4. Spanish Civil War (SCW) had the romantic appeal of building a better world and international solidarity; but it is useless to classify any war as “romantic”.
  5. I think that Republicans created a better world, which was created with liberty, open mind, solidarity, and thus was exactly the opposite of what their regression imposed.
  6. The Spanish Civil War was a part of the complex of social and national conflicts in Europe in the 1930’s This complex of conflicts was caused by the instable political situation in Europe after WWI and the economic crisis which started in the late 1920.
  7. I think that these ideals inspired the international solidarity.
  8. SCW has some relation with WWII. It was used as a parade ground for introducing modern weapons and a modern way in leading a war. And even to spread the role of Nazism and Fascism.
  9. It is an important issue to understand the actual parties and to be comprehensive with old mentalities. We are still living somehow with some little consequences on references from that.
  10. Every civil war all over the world is a handicap for a normal development of every country also and for Spain.