About Second World War (1939-45) 1/2

Affirmations in Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic)

  1. Small stories make the bigger picture.
  2. When it comes to was, innocent people keep getting hurt.
  3. Even good intentions can have tragic consequences.
  4. It was a total war.
  5. Many victims without reason.
  6. It led to Jewish holocaust.
  7. Process of dehumanization.
  8. National, cultural and ethnical identity over humanity.
  9. Satisfaction by destruction.
  10. Lack of ethnical approach.
  11. The total war.
  12. Soldiers and civilians alike were the victims.
  13. War in different places had the same features.
  14. Prejudice and stereotypes can have tragic consequences.
  15. We need to see other people as people, not as some other race, nationality, religion…
  16. Global total war with mass destruction of humanity and ethnics.
  17. Resulted from WWI.
  18. Is necessary to have local conflicts somewhere in the world, to remember constantly the global massacres for world wars and to escape the WWIII:
  19. Minority groups like Roma´s shouldn´t be forgotten an must be recognized today and in the future.
  20. We must be alert to see when groups of people are being discriminated, oppressed and punished for being who they are.
  21. The war is part of the conflict, but not all of it. The violence and repression after the war is also part of it.
  22. The lower social classes and the victims of dictatorships and wars are everywhere the same: the gypsy population, the poor people etc.
  23. WWII was a consequence of WWI.
  24. The museums have to transfer the experience of the war.
  25. Last mass process of killing people.
  26. Never happen again new world war!
  27. Modern war in new borders and new division.