About Balkan War (1912-13), First (1914-18) and Second World War (1939-45)

Affirmations in Sandanski (Bulgaria)

  1. WWІІ was a human disaster; understanding this will help us to analyze the logic of masses better.
  2. We talk about peace and sometimes we mean social justices, which is not the same. Peace can uncover a situation of injustice, but social justice is always a guarantee for peace.
  3. There are different memories and maybe contradictory between them, about the wars, since a military vision of the facts – speeches of H. Georgiev or military museum of Sofia, for example – to other vision more social that recognize the victims, not the heroes.
  4. A terrible tragedy that makes us reflect about the power of propaganda and has to warm us about prejudices.
  5. It showed the danger of ideology of exclusivism and nationalistic experiences.
  6. Bulgaria was heavily struck by wars in the first half of the 20th century.
  7. Let`s do whatever it takes not to bring them to the 21st century.
  8. The Balkan war, WWІ, and WWІІ, were wars of politicians that did not ask the people if they wanted to have these wars.
  9. Lessons learned from the end of the WWІ brought new modern European policy.
  10. Balkans is always in war.
  11. The most tragedy of XX century , consequence of political and economical crisis and the las expression of Europe of XІX century.
  12. Rold situation that we have not allowed to respect again.
  13. Hitler`s madness had let milion people to death
  14. To affirm and defend dignity and value of human life
  15. The people who died all over the world witout reason.
  16. A terrible image, its repetition has to be avoid at any cost.
  17. A severe lesson about the calue of individual capacity of choosing the corect of whos side.
  18. There are no winners in war.
  19. It is important to educate young for peace.
  20. A catastrophe that has to be membered and to take experience of it.
  21. All war conflicts are the integral art of our history , we can`t ignore it, we must learn from it!
  22. There are victims on both sides, it doesn`t matter who “started”the conflict!
  23. The wars must to remain in 20-th century.
  24. The Balkan wars was a period for sufering of the population nothing more.
  25. War never again!
  26. The old policy of the Great Powers in the world and the wills of young countries on the Balkans led to catastrophic balkan wars, which lay down the road to the WWІ.
  27. People that live togheter, acording the wrongs policy of there government foght to each other and could not live together for a half a century.

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