First event, Italy (en)

Programme of the first event in Italy in November 20th / 21st /22nd 2014

Thursday, 20th of November 2014


08:3012:30                     Museum of the Eastern Gothic Line in Montescudo (Trarivi)

  • (08:30) Departure from hotel
  • (9:00) Welcome by Mayor Dr. Elena Castellari of Montescudo and by Secretary of State for Education and Culture of the Republic of San Marino Mr Giuseppe Morganti and Institute for the History of Resistance Dr Francesca Panozzo.
  • (9.30) Project partners present themselves (PowerPoint presentation – max 8 minutes each partner)
  • (10:30) Focus on exhibit setting, fitters-setters and Superintendent of Cultural Assets by Dr Laura Carlini, Architect Marco Musumeci and Dr Mario Turci
  • (11:30) Guided tour of history of the Museum and of the Church of Peace by Prof. Umberto Lagari

12:15 – 13:30                     Lunch in Montescudo

13:3015:00                     Focus in Tour

  • (13:30) Start of tour with focus group at War Cemeteries (with symbolic signing of the registers) in Rimini and in Coriano

15:3018:00                    Visit of the Republic of San Marino

  • (15:30) Visit of Republic of San Marino: Welcome by the Autorithies of the Republic, Secretary of State for Education and Culture of the Republic of San Marino Mr. Giuseppe Morganti, Secretary of State of Labour and Information Dr Iro Belluzzi, Coordinator of Department of History and Culture of the University of San Marino Dr Karen Venturini
  • (16.00) Visit to the refugee galleries of the civil population during the battle of the Gothic Line. Guided visit led by Dr Patrizia Di Luca (University of San Marino)
  • (17.00) Departure to Rimini

18:00 – 19:00                    Conference Room on the Gothic Line and Exhibition Hall in Rimini

  • (18:00) Conference on the Gothic Line (intervention / greeting by one representative on behalf of European project partners) hosted by the Institute for the History of Resistance and of Contemporary Italy
  • (18:30) Guided tour to the exhibition “000 brothers” by prof. Angelo Turchini

20:0022:30                    Social Dinner hosted by Montescudo

  • (22:30) Return to the hotel

Friday, 21st of November 2014


08:1512:15                     Museum of the Gothic Line in Montegridolfo

  • (08:15) Departure from hotel
  • (09.00) Visit to the Museumof theGothic Lineled byDanieleDiotallevi
  • (09:15)Presentation of the class and the teacher of the school involved in the APPEACE project by Dr Vanessa Del Vecchio
  • (10:00) Welcome by the Mayor of Montegridolfo Dr Lorenzo Grilli in Grotta Azzurra room
  • (10.10)Storyof the Battle ofMontegridolfo and his herobyDr Terzo Maffei andDr AlessandroAgnoletti
  • (10:55) Presentation of “Archaeology and anthropology of the displaced” curated by Dr Sonia Migani
  • (11.25) Presentation of Educational workshops Living in War : the daily life of civilians and of military at the presence of the class and teacher by Dr Vanessa Del Vecchio in IAT room

12:0013:00                    Lunch in Montegridolfo    

  • (13.00) Departure to Montescudo

14:0015:00                    Working Meeting in Montescudo

  • (14:00) Workingmeetingreserved exclusively to APPEACEpartners (Will participate to the meeting one representative of each partner): Defining the Calendar ofEvents,definitionandsigning of theCooperationAgreement, Management of financial anticipation, launch of contest for the design of theproject logo,sharing of the project’s objectives.

15:00 – 19:00                    Sharing History  

  • (15:00) Coachingto build theweightedgridof key statementsonWWIIand otherwars of thetwentieth century (among participants will be involvedresidentswho have experienceddirectly ormediated byfamily, the WWIIor the civil warsofSpainand formerYugoslavia). Coaching guided by Dr Manuela Priolo

19:00à – 21.00                 Dinner

-(19.00) Refreshing in the hotel

-(19.45-20.45) Dinner

21:0023:00                    Teatro Rosaspina in Montescudo   

  • (21:00) Special concert Giro d’Italia ed Europa- Grand Tour of Italy and Europe by Cultural Association GanEden dedicated to the EU project. During the evening the project and its partners will be presented to the audience.
  • (23:00) Return to the hotel

Saturday, 22nd of November 2014


08:1512:00                     Multimedia Room of the Natural Reserve of Onferno in Gemmano

  • (08:30) Departure from hotel
  • (09:00) Welcome by Mayor of Gemmano Dr Riziero Santi


  • (09.15) Showing of the “The War Suddenly” by Dr Silvana Cerruti
  • (09:45) Showing of Films and Videosbrought bypartners (6 minutes presented by each partner)

Battle of Gemmano:

  • (10:45) Story of the battle of Gemmano by Lieutenant Colonel Marco Belogi (Commando corps of rapid reaction of NATO in Italy)

12:0013:00                    Lunch at the Visit Centre of the Natural Reserve of Onferno in Gemmano    

13:0015:00                    Guided visit of the Onferno caves

15.00 – 16.00                  Trekking in the places of the battle of Gemmano

  • (15:00) Trekking in the places of civilians refugees led by Francesco D’Agostino and Silvana Cerruti

16:0017:00                    Closure of Activities

  • (16:00) Transfer of European guests at the railway station of Rimini