Sixth event, Belgium (en)

Programme of the sixth event in Ieper/Ypres in June 1st-4th 2016

1st June, Wednesday

15-17 Bruxelles, European Parliament: APPEACE delegation meet Mr. Joseph-Maria Terricabras, Spanish (Catalan) MEP. Visit to European Parliament.

17.30: Departure for Ieper/Ypres.

2nd of June, Thursday

9-10 In Flanders Fields Museum (Educational room): Presentation by Piet Chielens The museum, its philosophy, the landscape

10.15-11.30 Visit to the museum and the temporary exhibition Canada in Flanders

11.30-12.30 Visit to the research center with a short introduction on our Namelist project and aerial photography

12.30-13.30 Lunch in the museum café

13.30-17.30 Tour in the area with a visit to the new sites

17.30 Remembrance on a british cemetery (Patrick Boone)

19.00 Meal in restaurant Bistro Fino

20-21.30 Concert Sensations of a wound by Jim Boyes and Belinda O’Hooley on the war experiences of Jim’s Granddad (who was in Belgium , France and Italy!)

3rd of June, Friday

9-10 Introduction to our Touristic policy and the relation to the In Flanders Fields Museum by Peter Slosse

10-12 Educational workshop with a class of schoolchildren

12-13.30 Lunch in the museum café

14-16 Walk around Ypres with the focus on the reconstruction of the town

16-17.30 Participation to  the project Coming World Remember me

18.00 Drink and meal in the Casemates

19.00 Opening of the temporary exhibition by the Tsjech artist-in-residence with reception

4th June, Saturday

10-11 introduction by Filip Deheegher on Ypres as a City of Peace and Majors for Peace Association

12.00 Lunch

14-15.30 Walk on a formal battlefield with the use of the new app

16.00 Closing activities